Video of Ben Stiller as a Na’vi from Avatar in the Academy Awards 2010

Date: March / 08 / 2010 + Comments: 1

Ben Stiller was costumed as an Avatar’s Na’vi at the Oscars (Academy Awards). But the original idea was a little different, Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat, Bruno) was supposed to be costumed as a female Na’vi, and Ben Stiller would be her translator, all the sketch ending with Cohen declaring he is “pregnant with the love child of James Cameron”. The Academy rejected the idea and Sasha was also uninvited from the Oscar ceremony, the producers thought it would be insulting to the director and didn’t want to risk any chance.

Finally, Ben Stiller rethought the concept, and decided to makeup as a Na’vi, with a fake long tail. The audience was speachless, and I couldn’t stop to laugh.

Ben Stiller Navi Avatar

Ben Stiller said: (in the first video)

That means, this seem like a better idea in the rehearsal. It was between this and the nazi uniform, but it was a little Hitler heavy, so. I am here to present the Award for Best Makeup.

Another video of Ben Stiller as a Na’vi

This is another video, longer, with the scenes after the award was presented. But its quality is quite poor, even the colors are to intense.

Ben Stiller said:

The ironic thing is that Avatar is not even nominated. Should just worn my Spock ears because Star Trek is actually Nominated, I own two pairs from the original series, both signed by Leonard Nemoy. But that would be too nerdy. This is much cooler. XD

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