Blue Hippy Cats, Avatar review of an animated CGI Dog Creature

Date: March / 06 / 2010 + Comments: 2

This Dog / Humanoid creature makes a review of Avatar, obviously he didn’t like a lot, since Avatar is full of Na’vis who look like Blue Cats.

This video has become popular because its animation method looks very similar to the one used by Weta Studios in Avatar (look how his eyebrows are animated). Who did this? Nobody knows, but it is a great CG artist. His YouTube account says he is GregMutt, and he only has one video uploaded.

The mysterious man says he used LightWave and Softimage to do this video.

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. Funny Cats says:

    I have seen this as well as the movie. This is wild. Avatar characters did indeed look like cats. Infact, I have noticed strong cat themes in recent movies. In “How to Train Your Dragon”, the dragons were very very cat like in their behavior. Cat Ladies taking over Hollywood?

  2. warex says:

    i think its made by people at weta digital, i think they modify some of the avatar’s characters haha, because the animaation its just amazing!

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