How to mount a Virtual Webcam or add Effects to your video in Chatroulette

Date: February / 26 / 2010 + Comments: 2

WebcamMax Virtual effects Chatroulette

This solution is for PC / Windows users (if you are a Mac user read this post).

There are several softwares to have a Virtual Webcam in your computer but I have found that :download: WebcamMax is very complete and easy to use. Its latest version is 7 (

If you have a webcam, with WebcamMax you can:

Add Special effects with Augmented Reality to your face. The software recognizes every part of your face and your movements so the effects attaches with you. You can have fake mustaches or even a crab-alien (like the upper image).

(*) You can also add scenarios, backgrounds, animations, accessories, distortions, filters, etc.

If you don’t have a webcam, WebcamMax gives you the option to use an image (JPG, PNG or animated GIF) or even better any video file (but you need to have good codecs in your PC, for that we recommend VLC).

You can also use with any video the special effects mentioned before.

Chatroulette Settings

Chatroulette automatically will recognize the source from WebcamMax as your default webcam. If not, just rollover your mouse over your web screen in the page, and change the video source.

Settings: To optimize the result using WebcamMax go to Options, tab Source and adjust:

Webcam Source Rate: 20
Webcam Source Size: 320×240

320×240 is Chatroulette’s default resolution.

It is really simple to have a virtual Webcam or to add several effects to your existing one.

(y) You can also read our Complete Guide to Chatroulette.

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. xman says:

    magic camera is another choice for chat roulette. i think chat roulette has already blocked wcm.

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