Alice in Wonderland Game for Nintendo Wii and DS

Date: February / 25 / 2010 + Comments: 0

I know that we can’t expect too much from the Nintendo Wii’s graphics but this game looks really awful, I don´t like it at all. Everything looks like a game from the 90’s with some scary 3D results like the rabbit.

Apart of the Wii version, there will be a Nintendo DS and Windows PC game, with the soundtrack being composed by veteran video game music composer Richard Jacques. The Wii, DS, and PC versions will be released on March 2, 2010.


Of course the DS game needs to have a very different level of graphics than the Wii one, but this is just too different. Strangely, I like it more than the Wii one XD

The Cheshire Cat looks SWEET, I really like this 2D / 3D vectorial version, if this game is available in the Apps Store for the iPhone / iPod Touch, I will for sure be buying it.

Official Webpage:

Overall this can’t beat American McGee’s Alice (y) which is also a dark version of the tale. Look this trailer from the year 2000:

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