2 new videos of Alice in Wonderland

Date: February / 17 / 2010 + Comments: 0

This is the Alice in Wonderland trailer showed during the Super Bowl, we can see new scenes, such as the Cheshire Cat saying Oh Oh in front of the Mad Hatter’s tea table, the red army against the white army fighting on a big chess table, the giant Jabberwock spitting purple fire, etc.

BTW the Jabberwock is in the Red Queen’s side.

Alice in Wonderland armor

I loved the music, with a rhythm following a clock’s tic tac.

Release Date: 5 March 2010

Video Featurette: The Mad Hatter

More new scenes, the giant vulture flying all over Wonderland, Bayard the dog running to the Red castle, sword battles, etc.

Johnny Depp explains a little bit about his character, the Mad Hatter, an unpredictable person, but we can always see what he is feeling, his emotions are very close to the surface.

I enjoyed watching the Mad Hatter say to the Red Queen that he likes her huge head and that the White Queen’s head is to small.

The Mad Hatter to Alice: Why is it you are always too small or too tall?

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