Toy Story 3 trailer with new characters: The Bear, the octopussy and the triceratops

Date: February / 12 / 2010 + Comments: 3

This is the most recent trailer for Pixar’s Toy Story 3 and for what it show it is enough to make me want to see this third chapter of Woody and Buzz. The Toy Story world will grow even more when the toys end being donated to a Kindergarden. So many new toys and characters makes look cool to the animation effects. The story also looks pretty good, it is about growing and leaving your toys and childhood behind. This is going to be a great movie.

Kristen Schaal is the voice of the triceratops, Ned Beatty is the pink bear Lotso, and Michael Keaton as Ken (he is perfect for the role).

Lotso appeared before in a cameo in Up, when the house was floating between some buildings the pink bear was inside a girl’s bedroom.

We will see how Ken and Barbie will have love at first sight (and probably after that their egos will also fight) both are toys with very weird personalities living in a pink world, literally. XD

The End of the trailer is the best part, where Mr. Potato Face appears converted into a cucumber, saying that nobody would believe what he has being through that night. This joke works for children and adults in every level, it is so well.

Toy Story 3 opens June 18, 2010.


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Toy Story 3 Lotso
Toy Story 3 Ken
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Toy Story 3 triceratops
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