Cougar Town is a mix of Friends, Old Christine and Scrubs

Date: February / 07 / 2010 + Comments: 1

¿What do you get if you mix different concepts in a humor Tv Series? Or a total desilution or a huge success, which could be the case of Cougar Town.

Cougar Town is about a 40 year-old women that date guys in his twenties. Does it sound familiar to you? Yes, this is like watching the life of Demi Moore in a humor Tv Series.

Cougar: a large cat, a puma, or a woman over 40 who pursues younger men. The origin of the word is debated.

The protagonist of this series is Courteney Cox acting as Demi Moore, cof cof, I mean as Jules Cobb, recently divorced, single mother of a 17 year-old son and with good economic income as a real estate agent.

Courteney Cox bring to the screen a little bit of the character of Monica from Friends, she is still a neurotic and yelling woman. In thee other hand, she likes to meet with her girlfriends to discuss about relationships. We can also find simple and effective humor in, like Scrubs, something that is also reinforced with the acting of Christa Miller as Jules’ friend. Christa is conceited, a little anti-social, and evil as her role in Scrubs, when she was Jordan Sullivan, the wife of Doctor Perry.

Christa Miller in Cougar Town:

The New Adventures of Old Christine, once wanted to make humor about old women dating young men, but they didn’t find the right formula, since its humor was slow and very familiar, like a chapter of Everybody loves Raymond. A Tv series of women being cougars must be modern, agile, daring, etc, and this is what we can find in Cougar Town.

Look this video as an example:

We have one extra surprise, and it is that Busy Philipps, known from Dawson’s Creek is also in Cougar Town. We haven’t seen her in a tv series from a very long time, so this is her good return.

Busy Philipps in Cougar Town:

To conclude, Cougar Town brings us lots of humor, for the girls it has young hot guys, and for the boys a Courteney Cox always wearing nice outfits.

Courteney Cox Town

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