Bayard the talking dog (Bloodhound) from Alice in Wonderland

Date: February / 07 / 2010 + Comments: 1

I don’t remember that a dog was part of the original tale of Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking-Glass, but Tim Burton will have one in the new movie version.

The reason is obvious to me, Burton wants to guaranteed the success of the movie adding to main aspects:

  • A talking dog (as Pixar did with Up).
  • The voice of this Bloodhound will be by Timothy Spall, an actor that was always present in recent successful movies such us:Enchanted, Harry Potter and Sweeney Todd)

It is not a problem if there was or not a dog in the original tale, this Bloodhound looks GREAT !!!

By the way, his name is Bayard.

Bayard’s story

Bayard, the Bloodhound (voice of Timothy Spall) is an unwilling accomplice to the Red Queen’s forces, fearful that his imprisoned wife and pups will be injured if he doesn’t do Stayne’s bidding. He proves to be secretively loyal to the Underland (or Wonderland) Underground resistance, becoming both Alice’s ally and a rather convenient transportation system.

Look how the chain has some hearts shapes, cool detail to show that the Red Queen has captured him.

Bayard dog Alice in Wonderland

This is a drawing of Bayard before turning it into a CGI:

Bayard drawing Alice in Wonderland

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