Alice in Wonderland: Red Queen’s Special Effects

Date: February / 06 / 2010 + Comments: 2

In Alice in Wonderland the Red Queen is portrayed by the actress Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton’s official partner since Planet of the Apes (they are 8 years together and have 2 children).

Here we can see Helena arriving to the set of Alice in Wonderland.

Helena Bonham Carter Alice in Wonderland

Helena Bonham Carter actress diet

And now we can see how she transforms in the Red Queen, with special make-up and wardrobe.

Helena Bonham Carter Red Queen

But that is not all, Tim Burton have also decided that his Queen must have a huge head, beyond normal size, so this is done with CGI effects. In fact the other members of the kingdom also have abnormal huge factions, as we can see here:

Red Queen Kingdom Alice in Wonderland

We can see how this effects are applied:
Red Queen normal Alice in Wonderland
Red Queen's head Alice in Wonderland
Red Queen monkey Alice in Wonderland
Red Queen CGI HD Alice in Wonderland

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