Trailer of Shrek 4: Forever After

Date: February / 02 / 2010 + Comments: 0

Shrek 4: Forever After has a big change, Shrek goes to a Parallel Universe, where Donkey doesn’t know him, Fiona is a hated ogre and Puss is a fat cat, they practically TURNED PUSS INTO GARFIELD!

So the trailer promises this is the FINAL CHAPTER, so the next Shrek movie could be a prequel.

Release Date: USA 21 May 2010, Australia 17 June 2010, UK 9 July 2010, Germany and NL 8 July 2010
Director: Mike Mitchell

[ :!: Spoiler]
This Parallel Universe is a result of Rumpelstiltskin magic, who was supossed to be voiced by Paul McCartney, but at the end it is voiced by Walt Dohrn.

Here is a picture of the dwarf:

Shrek Rumpelstiltskin Paul McCartney

And the poster is this one:

poster Shrek 4: Forever After

Both images confirm that DreamWorks always produces characters doing the one eyebrow up face:

Dreamworks versus Pixar

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