Where to follow today’s Apple Conference in Real Time

Date: January / 27 / 2010 + Comments: 0

Steve Jobs Conference

Today January 27th 2010 we have an Apple Conference where its CEO Steve Jobs will probably present to the world the new Apple Tablet.

You can follow to this event in real time with text and photos (there is no streaming video) in:

If you know of other links, please post them in the comments. (y)

At what time does it start?

18:00 GMT 0

  • 08:00 Hawaii
  • 10:00 California, Pacific, USA
  • 11:00 Mountain
  • 12:00 Central, Mexico
  • 13:00 Eastern, Colombia, Peru
  • 13:30 Venezuela
  • 14:00 Bolivia
  • 15:00 Argentina, Chile
  • 18:00 London
  • 19:00 Paris, Spain
  • 03:00 Tokyo (January 28th)

Once the event is over I will post a summary with the most important facts.

Hours after the event, all the conference will be available to be downloaded free in iTunes (in good quality video).

[iTunes link to the iPad Conference]

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