Conan O’Brien’s Last time in The Tonight Show

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last Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show

It was not only Conan O’Brien’s last time in The Tonight Show, it was also his last NBC show.

We comment it previously, NBC has broken its contract with Conan and after 7 months, he is out of hosting The Tonight Show, which will be returned to Jay Leno.

Conan’s last Tonight Show was on Friday January 22th, and these are some moments from the show:

Expensive Jokes payed by NBC

Two nights before his cancellation, Conan invented very expensive Jokes, claiming that while in the air, NBC has to pay for every joke performed in the show. (this is of course a joke in a joke)

The Bugatti Veyron with a mouse costume. Cost: $1.5 millions.
Bugatti Veyron mouse costume

Bugatti Veyron mouse Conan

A prehistoric Fossil of a Giant Ground Sloth, borrowed from the Smithsonian Institute, and rigged to squirt black Beluga caviar all over an “original” Picasso.

Cost: $65 millions.
fossil sloth beluga caviar Picasso

Remembering the best moments

The Emo Vampire and the Werewolfs from Twilight were Conan’s personal assistants, together with a young Frankeinstein. This was REALLY GREAT.
last Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show Twilight

Conan O’Brien with Animals

Conan feeding a bear mouth to mouth:
Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show bear

Conan hanging of the elephant’s tusks:
Conan O'Brien elephant tusks

Conan having an intimate moment with a yellow python:
last Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show yellow python

Max Weinberg driving his battery:
last Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show Max Weinberg

A Monster Car crushing a pumpkin:
last Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show Monster Car

Motorcycle Acrobats:
last Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show Motorcycle Acrobats
last Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show Motorcycle Acrobatics

Conan experimenting being a movie double:
last Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show movie double

Conando, the Mexican hero:
Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show Conando

Steve Carell (The Office) was acting as an agent of NBC. Steve asked Conan what triggered his decision to leave (with a straight face, because he’s Steve Carrell), and asked if he would consider working for NBC in the future, a question Conan playfully dodged answering.

Conan had to turn in his NBC ID badge to Steve, who destroyed it immediately in a paper shredder.
last Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show Steve Carell

Tom Hanks came out in sunglasses with a scotch in each hand. Conan marveled at his bold entrance, and took a hearty gulp of the drink Hanks handed him. Conan then announced: This is cream soda!!!
last Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks showed with his hands how to represent: COCO (the nickname he gave to Conan in the second show):
last Conan O'Brien Tom Hanks Coco

Conan said that while he could say anything he wanted tonight, he wanted to say that after working with NBC for over 20 years, he is “enormously proud” of his partnership with the company. Conan said he loved his job, had the best
staff and crew, and acknowledged that for seven months he got to live his dream, and did so without regrets. He had tears in his eyes as he spoke and showed appreciation for his “good fortunes”.

Conan said he was also overwhelmed by his fans’ support, and thanked the people who made signs, started petitions online and even camped out in the rain to be in his audience. “You made a sad situation joyous and inspirational”, Conan told his supporters. He almost began crying, and told young people to work hard and make amazing things happen, because it really can work.

Before things got too emotional, Will Ferrell appeared on the band stage, in front of a giant American band and wearing long hair, a full beard and a cowboy hat. Ferrell began to lead a quirky, yet strangely-sentimental rendition of Skynyrd’s “Free Bird”. Ferrel’s wife, Dawn, who is out-to-here pregnant, was dressed as an adorable hippie chick, Conan rocked his skills on the electric guitar, and someone who looked a lot like ZZ Top accompanied. Conan, Will and The Tonight Show Band actually did great justice to the song, and played through the closing credits.

last Conan O'Brien The Tonight Show Will Ferrell

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