Mars Panoramic picture by NASA’s Opportunity Rover

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Mars Victoria Crater NASA

See it in Full Size, It feels almost as being there.

The Opportunity Rover is a pretty awesome vehicle. It has outperformed its mission expectations by over 200%, it is in the fifth year of what was supposed to be a 90 sol (martian days) mission.

Opportunity Rover

Nasa Opportunity Rover Opportunity, mission designation MER-B (Mars Exploration Rover – B), is the second of the two rovers of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Mission. It landed successfully at Meridiani Planum on Mars on January 25, 2004 05:05 Ground UTC (circa 13:15 local time), three weeks after its twin Spirit (MER-A) had landed on the other side of the planet.

Opportunity Rover is now making its way to Endeavour crater.

Victoria crater

Victoria crater is a massive impact crater approximately 7 kilometers from the original landing site. Victoria’s diameter is 750 meters, six times larger than Endurance crater. Scientists believed that rock outcrops along the walls of Victoria would yield more information about the geologic history of Mars, if the rover survived long enough to investigate them.

On Sol 951 (September 26, 2006) Opportunity reached the rim of Victoria Crater and transmitted the first substantial views of Victoria, including the dune field at the bottom of the crater. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter photographed Opportunity at the rim of the crater.

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