Sir Isaac Newton’s Google Ajax Animated Doodle

Date: January / 04 / 2010 + Comments: 2

Isaac Newton Google Animated Doodle

Today is Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday Anniversary (4 January 1643, 367 years ago) and Google has prepared an Ajax animated Doodle, I believe this is the first time they put an animation in the logo. The Apple falls from the branch and after that all the surrounding links appears with some vanish effect. Google Isaac Newton apple

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. Jake Schwartz says:

    While Google relies heavily on AJAX in many of its web applications, today’s anniversary doodle does not use AJAX–which always results in information being sent to/from a web server. In this case, no data goes to the web server (for the doodle) after the page loads, so this is just a case of simple JavaScript animation.

  2. xbox 360 remote says:

    Funny thing when I was in school, I always hated Sir Newton. Because our school books were always filled with his theories. And his theories gave us lot of homework and projects to do. Which I kind of hated to do. But that was past now and I thank Sir Issac Newton for his valuable contribution in science and for the humanity.
    GOD Blesses Sir Issac Newton (his soul)

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