iSlate rumor: Apple may use 10″ and 7″ tablet screens

Date: December / 29 / 2009 + Comments: 0

According to TUAW, Apple has placed an order with panel supplier Innolux for 10″ multi-touch screens, probably to use them in the new devices (iSlate, iTablet, or iTab).

An iPod Touch has a 3.5″ screen and the Kindle 2 has a 6″ screen, so this new toy will be bigger than the Amazon’s e-book reader.

Other sources say that 7″ will be the new screen size.

Apparently Apple wanted to go with this release earlier, but they were concerned about the strength of the glass. Now they’ve got the stronger glass they need, so supposedly the rumors on the wind say they’re ready for a January announcement, with a release coming in the Quarter 3 of 2010.

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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