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Date: December / 26 / 2009 + Comments: 2

película Avatar 2009

Yesterday night I went so see Avatar to my local Movie Theater, of course I saw it in 3D. I ended with positive and negative impressions about it. James Cameron has made a big step in movie filming with 3D animation, specially in face movements, beautiful sightseeings, and spectacular new fauna.

There is just one thing for sure: you have to see Avatar in 3D, otherwise you lose like 60% of the experience. To don’t do it is like to see a Color Movie in Black and White.

[ :!: Here be Spoilers]

Avatar’s Main Message

The Main Message of this film is:

It is important to value Nature over Human Greed, which just wants to continue exploiting its resources. We must avoid eradication by the greed of a few.

Another important point showed in the film ins the graphic concept of a Na’vi being able to connect with another living being with some mini-tentacles, the could connect with horses, banshees, and Toruk (Leonopteryx)

Everything in nature is connected and has its own life.


Avatar is also a new representation of the America’s Colonization, when Spanish and British arrived with a thirst of gold wiping out many tribes in the process.

Avatar’s Positive and Negative points

  • (y) The graphics are amazing, there CGI achieves a high reality level all mixed with the 3D effect it is a visual pleasure to not blink. In some years I can see that the 3D will be the new standard for movie theaters and films (better effects, more studio profits and less piracy).
  • (y) It was really interesting how Jake’s reality was mixing between both worlds, the human and the Na’vi, separated by him sleeping. This ambiguity was very clever, and specially for Jake, been able to run in the middle of a gorgeous place was like a dream and lately his new found life.
  • (y) Pandora’s fauna is spectacular. New plants, insects, and six feet huge animals are shown as an alien never seen environment. Sometimes there was a National Geographic feeling in the scenes. Everything looked real but unique. They movie deserves 1,000 / 100 in this point.
  • (n) The Na’vis are quite attractive for being an alien form. They are tall, slim, muscular. Any model agency woul contract them.
  • (n) The script of the main story was a little bit weak, very predictable, specially the third act and the end. To have read or seen any Pocahontas material is a great spoiler to this movie (even the special tree was present).
  • (n) A lot of things happened with almost no effort showed, like Neytiri being able to talk in English, Jake taming the Turok (a black screen and Jake riding it with no scratches was disappointing), the six legged panther wanting Neytiri to ride it, and so on.

Great Quotes

Col. Quaritch: You are not in Kansas anymore. You are on Pandora, ladies and gentleman.
(He was quoting Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz)

Jake Sully: Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world and in here is the dream.

Col. Quaritch: You haven’t got lost in the woods, have you? You still remember what team you’re playing for?

Special trivia

  • Even though the year the movie takes place is never stated, scenes of Jake Sully recording his video log show that the year is 2154.
  • Avatars have five fingers or toes on their hand or foot, whereas the Na’vi only have four. Probably this is a result of the ADN mix.

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  1. r4 dsi says:

    Movie was simply great everyone must see it because.. A born again, freshly buffed wheelchair warrior turned unwitting capitalist tool in league with a digitalized free spirit princess, takes on forest foreclosure and the military industrial complex, in this breathtaking futuristic identity theft odyssey.

  2. hello says:

    also the na’vi dont have eyebrows, where jake (and the other avatars)do

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