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Date: December / 26 / 2009 + Comments: 2

Geek Wall Clock programming languages

This is a nice collection of Geek Wall Clocks from GeekCook (a Chinese store), any of these clocks can improve the look of a code developers office, software programmers section, technical support team, the Bastards Operators from Hell, or the basements where most of the other programmers live.

PD.-Poor ActionScript, it is still unwelcome, and it is not an age issue, Go from Google is way younger XD

Geek Wall Clock PHP Pascal Java Python
Geek Wall Clock twitter birds

(*) This is my favorite:
Geek Wall Clock math formulas
Geek Wall Clock twitter clients
Geek Wall Clock China
Geek Wall Clock Web Timer
It is time to use talk and flickr !!!! :D

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  1. Cuhe says:

    Very awesome!!!!!

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