Brittany Murphy’s unrealized 2010 Movies

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Actress Brittany Murphy dead With the recent death of the young actress Brittany Murphy, some 2010 movies that have her in the cast were left as in-production, pre-production and post-production. Probably none of this titles will arrive to the movie theaters having Brittany’s last acting role, as The Dark Knight and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus had the acting of Heath Ledger.

These were Brittany Murphy’s future films:

  • Shrinking Charlotte (2010) (pre-production) Brittany Murphy as Charlotte (she was the protagonist)
  • The Expendables (Sylvester Stallone’s project) (2010) (post-production) Brittany Murphy as Amy (Support role)
  • Something Wicked (2010) (post-production) Brittany Murphy as Susan (leading role)
  • Abandoned (2009) (post-production) Brittany Murphy as Mary (leading role)
  • Poor Things (2010) (in production) Brittany Murphy was just rumored to be in the cast

Brittany Murphy wasn’t working in any role at the time of her death

After being fired from the set of The Caller in November 2009, Brittany Murphy was supposed to act in her next film, Shrinking Charlotte, which was to going to begin shooting in mid-January 2010.

Writer-director René Eram tells E! News exclusively that Brittany Murphy was professional and really looking forward to working on the film, but very skinny.

Brittany Murphy was very skinny

When I met Brittany, she was very impressive and very professional, but I noticed that she had dropped a lot of weight in the last six months. I didn’t know or hear anything about eating disorders or anything like that, but I did notice she had lost some weight.

Regardless, the film – which costars Matthew Lillard, Fred Willard and True Blood’s Sam Trammell – was a perfect fit for the actress.

It was all very positive and that’s what is so sad for me, to not have her involved in this movie. This is a great loss of someone I felt was tremendously talented, had a lot to offer and had a long ways ahead of her career-wise.

The show must go on, meetings are already being arranged to recast the part.

– René Eram

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