Letter to Tim Burton: Don’t touch the Alice…

Date: December / 18 / 2009 + Comments: 1

Surfing in a Tim Burton Forum I found this jewel from Russia:

Dear Tim Burton. My name is Igor, I am 18 years old and I live in Russia. Forgive me my English, because I translated the text through Google translator.
Recently I learned that you are preparing to release the film on the novel by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. Just the thought that you pull on his long puppet Gothic Scissorhands to this great product makes me cry bloody tears. Recently, some persons who call themselves artists, writers, poets and filmmakers and a belief that “Alice in Wonderland” has a dark side of the otherworldly, and include many images from this fairy tale to gothic culture. Consequently, in young girls who considered themselves goths, Nicky appeared on the Internet «Alice», many artists began to paint the cat out of the tale with spikes, gothic band wrote many songs about this story, and a lot of gothic shit was poured on this flawless well-constructed story.
Please do not pouring into this perfect his grotesque gothic shit. I do not think your gothic creations by shit, but in the case of Alice invite you to burn all the materials for this work and destroy the dolls so that they do not rise, do not pick you up in a magical land, after which they will torment you singing and dancing

Sincerely, IndigoInferno.

Sat Dec 12, 2009

It seems to be that he thought Tim Burton was doing some Alice movie with puppets, like A Nightmare Before Christmas. Probably he missed the first trailer, which was out since July.

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. Marebear2406 says:

    Dear IndigoInferno,
    No one gives a damn what your commie ass thinks. The fact that Tim Burton has created many successful movies, including Edward Scissorhand, Nightmare before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Sleepy Hallow, Planet of the Apes…(do I need to even continue?) shows that he has a unique and well loved director. His ability to use gothic culture, showcases his artistic talent in a way, no one else has done before. As far as gothic artists, writers, poets and filmmakers remaking Alice in wonderland into gothic culture, it’s like anything else out there that has been redone in different ways. People have different views and personal styles of this well loved story, and there is nothing wrong with someone wanting to redo it in a way that reflects their personal point of view of it. That is called art. If it bothers you so much, then don’t waste our time going to see it, because god knows no one wants to waste their precious time and money listening to you b*tch throughout the movies, about what a lame a*s noob you are, because it isn’t done your way. Thank god you weren’t in charge of making it. Now shut the hell up!

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