Chris Henry died after a car accident

Date: December / 17 / 2009 + Comments: 0

Chris Henry Bengals Chris Henry, player of the Bengals (wide receiver), died today Thursday December 17th, after a domestic dispute with his fiancée Loleini Tonga.

Police said the couple had been arguing in the 800 block of Peachtree Road when Tonga tried to drive away in a pickup car. Chris Henry jumped into the bed of the pickup and the couple continued arguing as Tonga drove. Henry fell out of the pickup at some point and landed in the roadway, causing life-threatening injuries.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police announced that Chris Henry died today at 6:36 a.m.
He was 26 years old.

Homicide detectives have been assigned to the case but had no further information. Police have not released the 911 tapes, and Harrington would not say if Tonga was present at the scene when police arrived.

Police said Tonga was cooperating with investigators and no charges had been filed against her. Authorities have not announced the cause of death. Mecklenburg County medical examiner investigator Carol Cormier said they were expecting to receive the body later this Thursday.

Chris Henry and Tonga were planning to wed in March. The couple has 3 children together.

RIP Chris Henry. Our condolences to Chris Henry’s family and friends.

Source: WLWT

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