The Top 40 Funniest Celebrity WTF moments of 2009 (Megan Fox is Nº1)

Date: December / 13 / 2009 + Comments: 7

Thanks to the guys of Buzzfeed we can enjoy this top 40 WTF moments that celebrities did this year:

(Personal Note: Too much Suri Cruise in the list)

1. Megan Fox Rejecting the Flower Kid (Epic moment)
WTF moment photo Megan Fox Flower Kid
[Megan and the Flower Kid, during the Transformers 2 London premiere]

2. The Best Celebrity Photobomb Ever (Verne Troyer, aka Mini-Me)
WTF moment photobomb mini-me Verne Troyer

3. Suri Cruise Calls For Help
WTF moment photo Suri Cruise cupcake

4. Jack Nicholson Smoking while swimming in the sea.
WTF moment photo Jack Nicholson Smokes At Sea

5. K-Fed Gets Some Free Money

WTF moment photo Kevin Federline money car

6. One Of Those Olsen Twins Looking Crazy or like an Old Lady (although they always do)

WTF moment photo Olsen Twin old

7. The Story Of Lindsay Lohan‘s Life (Just say No to Drugs t-Shirt)

Lindsay Lohan Just say No to Drugs t-Shirt

8. Jay-Z And Beyonce Are Disgusted About Something

WTF moment Jay-Z And Beyonce disgusted

9. Paris Hilton Eats Ben Affleck’s Face

WTF Paris Hilton kissing Ben Affleck

10. Hailey Glassman And Jon Gosselin Staying Classy

WTF moment photo Hailey Glassman And Jon Gosselin

11. Fergie Grabs Her Penis?

WTF moment photo Fergie

12. Michael Cera Photobomb

WTF moment photo Michael Cera Photobomb class=

13. Seal And Heidi Klum weird looking for their Anniversary and New Wedding Vows

WTF moment Seal And Heidi Klum wedding

Extra Note: This was for their white trash themed wedding.

14. Barack Obama as a Jedi of Star Wars

Barack Obama as a Jedi

15. Mickey Rourke Shows Off His “Muscles”

WTF Mickey Rourke Muscles

16. Rihanna

17. Kanye West and Taylor Swift in the VMAs.

WTF moment photo Kanye West and Taylor Swift

Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time!

18. Britney Spears Goes Shopping At Target

WTF moment photo Britney Spears target

19. Katie Couric dancing drunk

WTF moment photo Katie Couric dancing drunk

Extra Note: This is from 2006, but finally saw the light of day this year.

20. Jude Law Beats a Paparazzi

WTF moment photo Jude Law hits A Paparazzi

21. Lady Gaga Carries Around A Teacup

WTF moment photo Lady Gaga

22. Lindsay Lohan Hangs Out With Her Sister Donatella Versace.

Lindsay Lohan and Donatella Versace

23. Madonna’s Arms are very Scary and muscular

WTF photo Madonna's Arms

24. Shia Labeouf Wears A Paper Bag Over His Head

WTF moment photo Shia Labeouf paper bag

25. Suri Cruise Disapproves

WTF moment photo Suri Cruise Disapproves

26. The Hoff Goes To Coachella

WTF moment photo Hoff Coachella

27. Kim Kardashian Scares Fans (poor girls)

WTF moment photo Kim Kardashian girl cries

28. Jack Nicholson Body Surfing

WTF moment photo Jack Nicholson Body Surfing

29. Kelly Clarkson Looks Like Meatloaf

WTF moment photo Kelly Clarkson

30. Steven Tyler Looks Like An Old Woman

WTF moment photo Steven Tyler old lady

31. Mickey Rourke Gets Flashed

32. Bruno Looks weird ….

WTF moment photo Bruno

33. Jack Nicholson dances and Gets Down

WTF moment photo Jack Nicholson dancing

34. Amy Winehouse Playing Scrabble

35. Suri Cruise Goes Shopping

WTF moment photo Suri Cruise Shopping

36. Jon Gosselin Parties In Vegas

WTF moment photo Jon Gosselin

37. Barack Obama watching young brazilian girl. (but the video shows another situation)

WTF moment photo Barack Obama Brazilian girl

38. Katy Perry… scratches?

WTF moment photo Katy Perry

39. Madonna Goes Swimming

WTF moment photo Madonna Swimming

40. Perez Hilton…!!!

WTF moment photo Perez Hilton drunk class=

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. iXMB says:

    Excelente, de muchos ya ni me acordaba haha y muchos son muy comicos.

  2. Juan de Sarco says:

    The Olsen twin looks very much like Ozzy Osbourne

  3. xiriaco says:

    Lo de Kelly Clarkson es sorpredente como una bella mujer con la prometedora carrera que tenia al ganar los american idols y los exitos que luego vinieron, para llegar a ese estado.

  4. chepe263 says:

    The olsen twin looks like Ozzy osbourne

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