First video review of the JooJoo Tablet (ex CrunchPad)

Date: December / 11 / 2009 + Comments: 0

joojoo tablet pc

JooJoo JO JO JO !!! is just Santa Claus laughing of a bad joke.

The JooJoo (Official Website) is a multitouch tablet PC (like a large iPod) which was created first as the mighty CrunchPad, but once that Chandra Rathakrishnan (Fusion Garage CEO) kicked out of the project to Michael Arrington and TechCrunch (Full story) the gadget was renamed to JooJoo.

Price: $499USD

Video review of the JooJoo

Chandra Rathakrishnan himself shows us the JooJoo, the User interface looks horrible, with that yellow tones. I think this gadget will be a huge loss if it gets sold looking like that.

And WTF is to pinch out to go back in the web browser, the pinch out is supposed to zoom a page.

He hits each button twice to make it work :puke:

The HD video playback had some lags and the colors look weird. (n)

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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