The ultimate Darth Vader Gallery

Date: December / 10 / 2009 + Comments: 1

Darth Vader is a worldwide popular icon, and this pictures are the prove of how cool he can be:

Darth Vader with Princesses Leia
Darth Vader between some hot Princesses Leia.

Darth Vader Lego
Darth Vader made with Legos.
Darth Vader Praha
Darth Vader monument in Praha (Prague, Czech Republic)

AT-AT I am your father
AT-AT: I am your father.
Darth Vader car radio
Darth Vader university
The new teacher of mathematics has arrived.

Darth Vader girl
Darth Vader teamwork
Interesting company.
Darth Vader lego Using the force to grab some ass
Using the force to grab some ass.
Darth Vader ant insect
Darth Vader, Dr Evil and Skeletor
“Flush it! Flush it!'” chanted Darth.

“What are you doing to Mr Bigglesworth?!?!” Dr Evil shrieked walking in.
“Uh, he was dirty, we were just washing him!” Skeletor explained.
Darth Vader lovers
Darth Vader dog
I find your lack of faith disturbing.
Darth Vader c3po in bed
Darth: “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”
C-3PO: “I’m in shock.”
Darth Vader lego
Darth Vader made with legos
Darth Vader pencil case
Darth Vader managers

Darth Vader with sexy women
Darth Vader pimp
Luke, I am a Pimp.
Darth Vader cat
Darth Vader as a cat using the force to have some treats.
Star Wars last supper
The Last Supper, Star Wars version.

Darth Vader teddy bear
Darth: I am your father.
Teddy: Are you really?
Darth: Ok, no, but you are not a jedi yet!
Teddy: What’s a jedi? I am a Teddy
Darth: Don’t confuse the Dark Side. Give in to your anger and hate, and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete!
Teddy: Are you a G.I.Joe?
Darth: Arrrgh!

Darth Vader sexy
Sexy Darth Vader!!
Darth Vader girl

Darth Vader closeup
Darth I am your father
Darth I am your father.
Darth Vader angry mad
He was a little bit scary. It’s amazing what you find when you just pop out to buy a paper.

Darth Vader bulb
How many Siths do you need to change a light-bulb…?

Darth Vader Who's Your Daddy?
Who’s Your Daddy?

Darth Vader as a baby
Darth Vader as a baby knew how to strangle with the force.

Darth Vader Easter Egg
Darth Vader Easter Egg.

Darth Vader your real father
Son, It’s time to meet your real father.

Darth Vader girl tricycle
Darth Vader riding a tricycle.

Darth Vader music verdi
Vader Does Verdi

Darth Vader japanese girls
Mobile phone advert in Tokyo subway.

Darth Vader strippers
Where is the force?

Darth Vader reading about babies
Darth Vader: But what can I do about twins?

Darth Vader hello kitty
Darth Vader: Luke, I am Hello Kitty

Star Wars rock band
Star wars world tour

Darth Vader loves hello kitty
DV + HK = <3 t-shirt bush Darth Vader
The new Death Star.

luke I am your father graffiti
Graffiti: Luke, I am your father

Darth Vader Luke Skywalker lego cloud city
Lego Cloud City.

Darth Vader princess Leia plush
Darth Vader: Leia, I am your father.
Leia: Noooooooo!

Who's Your Daddy? graffiti

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